TurboBackup 8.02

Efficient and powerful backup utility


  • Easy one-stop backups
  • Allows reverting to older backups
  • Three types of backup
  • Support for scheduled backups


  • Expensive to upgrade


TurboBackup has actually been around for more than 10 years so you know you're going to get a well tried and tested product when you try it.

It's been designed to make creating backups as easy as possible, so in other words, select the source you want to backup and click on backup - TurboBackup does the rest.

TurboBackup helps you to easily backup any type of critical data to secure places that you are comfortable with and restoring it all is pretty easy too. The TurboBackup "Prepare Backup" function lets you know ahead of time how much data will be backed-up and gives you an estimate about space requirements and the number of discs needed for the backup.

There are three types of backup included in TurboBackup: Full, Progressive and Current Date backup. The program features support for scheduled backup tasks. Also, you can rest assured that your data will be safe, thanks to TurboBackup’s encryption functionality.

TurboBackup is very useful for those that need to synchronize between Laptop and Desktop computers, exporting data to off-site locations or preparing for recovery in case the worst happens. In addition to full and partial restores, there's also a "Previous Version" function which allows you to revert to older backups.

TurboBackup is a little pricey but as a one stop backup solution, it's an excellent tool especially for beginners.



TurboBackup 8.02

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